No knowledge of Greek required!


I spent the whole of my teaching craeer at Charterhouse where I taught Classics and English. Since my retirement it has been my pleasure and privilege to teach New Testament Greek at the Cornhill Training Course in London. The main emphasis of the course is on expository preaching and teaching, a linear approach working through a book chapter by chapter and verse by verse. These word-studies are intended to copmplement this approach by studying individual words laterally across the whole NT. Most of these studies contain within them several other short word-studies, as indicated by the paragraph headings. This means that you can either read through a whole study at your leisure, or use the indices to look for any particular word or verse that you are interesteed in.
There are also "amplified paraphrases" of 5 of the epistles (Hebrews is very amplified!), which you may find helpful.
If you have any comments, questions - or corrections - please get in touch and I will try to respond.

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